Vizio Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

A comprehensive type of remote is the Vizio universal remote that is able to control a maximum of four components. For detailed instructions on how to program this remote, you will find value on the below article.

Vizio Universal Remote Codes  List

Vizio Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

10178, 10120, 10864, 10117, 10885, 11756, 01377

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Vizio Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes

502, 505, 627, 004, 113, 011

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Vizio Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

1758, 1292, 0117, 1004, 1017, 1078, 0205, 0030, 0128, 0056, 0178, 1756

Vizio Universal Remote 2 Digit Codes


Vizio Audio Universal Remote Codes

0600, 0883

Vizio DVD Universal Remote Codes

1500, 1502, 1501, 1419, 0382

Vizio Wall Mount Universal Remote Codes


How to Program the Vizio Universal Remote?

Before setting up the Vizio universal remote codes with the following steps, make sure that your component or device is properly switched on and fresh batteries are installed into the remote:

  1. Power on the device manually you want the remote to take control of.
  2. Press the button of your TV or the device and hold for 5 seconds. Wait until the LED blinks twice and remains lit.
  3. Using the below Vizio universal remote code list, search the programming code corresponding your device and brand. Enter the code using the number keys. After entering every digit, the LED blinks once. The LED blinks twice when a correct code is entered after entering the last digit and eventually powers off.
  4. Press the Power button while pointing the remote directly towards the selected device. Setup is complete once the device powers off.

Note: Repeat the procedure again using a different after the device does not power off.

How to Search for Component Vizio Remote Codes?

If the brand of your component or device is not found in the list, here are the steps on how the Vizio universal remote to find the correct component code:

  1. Power on the component or device manually.
  2. Using the remote, press the corresponding component button.
  3. Press the Set button and hold it until the LED blinks twice.
  4. Press 9-9-1 and the LED blinks twice.
  5. Directly point the remote towards the device.
  6. Press on alternate between the Power and component button until the device powers off.

Note: clear the component button if the component is still not working and repeat the search instructions.

How to Change Volume Lock in Vizio Universal Remote?

While on VCR, satellite/cable or DVD device modes, the Vizio universal remote is preset to control volume through your TV. Here’s how to change the volume lock:

  1. Press the Setup button and hold it until the LEF blinks twice.
  2. Press 9-9-3 until the LED blinks twice.
  3. Press the component once that you want to assign the volume until the LED flashed twice.

While controlling the other devices or components, the selected device will now function using the Vol+/Vol- button.

There are many ways on how the Vizio universal remote could be of immense advantage to your home entertainment. With the right programming, you’ll be able to control functions of multiple components or devices. Such a great deal!

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