9 Best Universal Remotes

Finding out the Best Universal Remotes can be a competitive task. Because you will have to explore so many devices and you will need to check out the features and prices of so many available devices.

But along with this review post, we are going to make it damn easy with the 9 Best Universal Remotes that you can buy according to your need and personal preferences. Some of them are pretty well in terms of looks, and the features as well.

Whereas some of them are pretty amazing in terms of built-in quality and the construction as well. But we are going to review only highly-rated and the best products for you. So, without waiting anymore let’s find out the bets one for you in below list.

1). RCA Universal Remote

RCA Remote

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The RCA Universal Remote comes in two variants first one is Four Device RCA Universal Remote, and the second one is Six Device RCA Universal Remote. So, in this review, we are going to review the Six Device RCA Universal Remote. Because it minimizes your headache and gives you the liberty to control the 6 different RCA device with a single remote.

You can easily control the list device likewise, TV, satellite, cable, DTC, DVD, DVR, AUX, Audio or VCR. This is really amazing, because now you will not need to find the remote every time when you are using a different device. Apart from these, also the thin, ergonomic design make it a superb choice even for the girls and housewives as well. Because if you have hands then easily you can use it. Because of the ultra-thin design, it becomes very handy and easy to reach even to the top from bottom.

Again the one more good thing is, the weight of this pretty item is just 363 gm. So, it won’t even feel bully while using. You might be thinking for a remote device weight doesn’t actually matters that much. But when we are paying for something then we should keep checking even a single small thing in a proper way. The device just need 2 AAA batteries to be operated, however, the bad thing is, the package doesn’t contain the batteries in it. So, you will have to buy them additionally. Also, the buttons of RCA Universal Remote are placed very genuinely and are in off white color. So because of the color you can even identify them in the dark. This is also a good thing, because of this you it becomes very easy to use. This was the RCA Universal Remote Review, now you can go for it from the link given below to explore more about it.

2). GE Universal Remote


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If you are looking for a budget friendly universal remote, then GE Universal Remote can be the perfect one for you. This universal remote comes in 3 variants in which you have the 4 device, 6 device and the last one is for 8 devices.

The price range is quite different as per the variant changes. The most amazing part of this product is, you will have the backlit in this remote. Because of it you can easily use it even in the dark or in the dim light as well.

The remote works pretty well with the device like TVs, Blu-Ray/DVD players, cable/satellite receivers, Roku boxes, apart from these it also works quite well with sound bars and music systems.

The only major problem is; it doesn’t work with Roku streaming stick or Fire TV/stick. It might be a problem for many users, but if you are not using Roku Streaming Stick or Fire TV then you can move on for it.

For the better user experience, the company is also including an an easy to follow setup video with the GE Universal Remote. If you face any problem while setting it up, then you can check out the included video for better operation.


3). Direct TV Universal Remote

Direct TV Remote

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The Direct TV Universal Remote is one of the most amazing universal remotes that offers a wide range of technologies. The device comes with the Built-in RF feature, because of this amazing technology you don’t need to point the remote to the receiver.

This amazing features gives you the liberty to use the product very easily. Also, the IR mode is available to use with most DirecTV receivers. Aagin the most important thing is, it doesn’t charge too much you can call it a budget-friendly or a cheap device.

Apart from this, the button layout is just fantastic, the user can identify the buttons very easily. After using for a couple of days, you can even use it without watching on it.

The pack of this device doesn’t contain any batteries in it. This is the only thing you have to buy additionally for your remote. The most important thing is the material, and it just fantastic. If it fallbuy mistake form your hand, then you don’t need to worry about it.

It can easily bear some small hits, by combining all the excellent points in it. It becomes perfect universal remote for everyone. You can go for it without having any doubt in your mind.

4). Magnavox Universal Remote

Magnavox Universal Remote

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Magnavox Universal Remote is also a good option if you are looking for the budget-friendly 4 in 1 universal remote by which you can easily control 4 different types of devices.

With this super excellent device you can control TVs, DVD players, VCR players, satellite receivers, and AUX as well. So, you are going to buy a remote for 4 different devices.

The most important thing that makes it far better than others is the dedicated menu. The dedicated menu navigation keys make it slightly easier to use, because of this, you can easily get into the menu to change any setting of your devices.

The one more good thing is, the code library is included in the pack for easy setup. So, you will not face any kind of issue while using it on your own. The company is taking care of their customers in a genuine way.

Here, also I want to tell you that the weight of this item is just 3.20 ounces. So, it is quite handy and you will not feel uncomfortable while holding it in your hands even for the hours.

Also, here I want to mention one thing, the size of this remote is just perfect. It isn’t too large and not so small, even if you have small hands you can use it properly. It is ideally designed for every user.

5). One-For-All Universal Remote

One-For-All Universal Remote

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Now let’s get check out the One-For-All Universal Remote Review. One-For-All Universal Remote is also an amazing product with the ability to control 8 devices without any problem.

The most important thing that makes it slightly better than others, it has a small display at the top. It looks really good and shows you some important information about the functions you are using.

Also, the built-in display also works as a real-time clock. These are some of the extra-ordinary features that you will get in this amazing device. Apart from these, the device also comes with the backlit keypad that is very easy to use and read even in the dark as well.

All the smart features it is offering, you can get at a very reasonable price. It can be a perfect budget-fit if you want to buy a cheap universal remote. Permanent memory retention during battery changes is an available feature in this universal remote. These are some of the technologies it follows up and gives you an easy experience of using such an amazing device.

With this small machine, you can easily control 8 devices in which we have TV, VCR, DVD, Cable, Satellite, CD, Receiver or Amplifier, plus an Auxiliary device. So, there is nothing to worry about and you can go for it without any doubt in your mind.

6). ONN Universal Remote

onn. Universal 6-Device Remote

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ONN Universal Remote is 4 devices universal remote that controls plenty of devices very easily. The operation of this device is very easy and anyone would be able to use it on their own.

This superb universal remote perfectly controls TV, Blu-ray player, DVD, DVR, cable, satellite, streaming media players, and many other devices as well. Also, there are some devices that are not mentioned on sellers but it supports them as well.

Also, the amazing part is, the code library-works with almost all major brands. So, you can use it for all the devices available at your home. This is a device that you should have at your home. Because it can give you the ease of using your different devices.

The one more good thing about the product is, there is a master volume button by which you can control the volume of all your devices. You don’t need to program it for the volume for each device separately.

To make you more comfortable the code library list included in the package. You don’t need to search for the working codes on the Internet or anywhere else.

Apart from all the things, with the 0.21 lbs, it just becomes a smart choice for all the users. It very handy and lightweight for day to day uses.

7). Philips Universal Remote

Philips Universal Remote

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I am sharing the Philips Universal Remote Review, because of the amazing features of this [product. It is an 8 in 1 universal remote that can properly control 8 different devices in which we have the TV, DTV, cable, SAT, DVR, Blu-ray player, DVD, streaming device, soundbar, VCR, Audio system, and home theatre as well.

Apart from this, it comes with dedicated buttons to control Netflix and Vudu. If you are using any of these services or both, then you will be able to control them separately and easily. Also, you will see the Backlit Buttons, so that you can easily access your preferred feature even in the dark or in the night. The best part is, all these amazing and interesting features can be used at a very reasonable price. The next important thing is the layout of the buttons that is also pretty interesting. You will become used to even within a few days only.

If you want to buy a durable remote, then this one can be a perfect choice. With the amazing construction and the 4.6 ounces weight it can be an ideal option for every house, even if you have kids at your home, still you can go for it.

8). Samsung Universal Remote

Samsung Universal Remote

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The Samsung Universal Remote can control Samsung TV / Smart TV / LED / HDTV properly. This is one of the most premium universal remote that you can use to control various devices at your home.

In this universal remote you will a busy layout and some of the main keys are colorful so that you can easily identify which features you want to use. The buttons are very pushy and feel very comfortable and soft while pressing. Everything small function is mentioned on the dedicated button properly. This is the reason why it gives you an easy to use experience.

Also, the backlit buttons are the part of this universal remote and give you a better view even in the dark or in the night. The only thing you will need to buy additionally is 2 AAA batteries that are not included in the package of this universal remote.

Apart from all the impressive features, the 0.81 ounces makes it very lightweight and easy to use. It feels super handy comfortable to use even though kids also can hold this remote in their hands for the hours. However, it is offering so many features and of course the superb construction, but still, it is a budget-friendly device that can be the best budget-fit for everyone.

9). VIZIO Universal Remote

VIZIO Universal Remote

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If you are a Vizio user and using Vizio devices at your home. Then I would suggest you go for VIZIO Universal Remote. Because the remote looks really attractive, the button layout is pretty beautiful and different from other available universal remotes.

The best part is, it works perfectly with almost all the Vizio devices, especially with the TV and smart TVs it works perfectly and can give you the ease of access.

Also, the good thing is there are some dedicated buttons for Amazon services, Netflix and Radio as well. Here, I want to tell you one thing while buying the product you need to be very careful because so many duplicate Vizio remotes are available in the market.

Simply you can follow the given button to buy the official product. Apart from all these things, the layout is pretty simple and the buttons can be identified very easily. With just 2 AAA batteries it can work properly. However, you should buy them additionally.

However, there one thing that personally I don’t like, the weight of this item is 2.29 ounces, to feels slightly heavier than other similar items that are available in the market. But the weight distribution is amazing and doesn’t feel that much heavy while holding in hands.