Craig DVD Universal Remote Codes

If you’re the Craig DVD Player user and if you wanna program it with your favorite universal remote control then we have mentioned methods to program and also codes too. Basically, this Craig DVD Player can be operated by any type of universal remote controls but you should follow the working programing method. So, in […]

Memorex DVD Universal Remote Codes

By using universal remote control we can operate Memorex DVD player and the remote codes you need for this are 4 and 5 digit codes. Of course these remote codes also work not only for universal remote controls but also for all types of SAT and CABLE remotes. But you should have a correct programing […]

Supersonic DVD Universal Remote Codes

If you wanna program your Supersonic DVD player with your favorite universal remote control then look at the below mentioned programing methods and you also need to use the codes. This Super sonic dvd universal remote has designed for 6 different types of components by simply using a single device such as 1) it can […]

Sharp DVD Universal Remote Codes

Do you have Sharp DVD Player? would you like to operate it with your favorite universal remote control? then here we are for you! we have programing methods along with the codes too. The below mentioned codes works for universal remote controls so you just need to enter them as per the below mentioned methods. […]

Hyundai DVD Player Remote Codes

In this blog post we are gonna mention all types of hyundai digital video disc codes, if you wanna try these codes on this universal remote control then you can perfectly do it now. Cause we’ve provided so many list of codes and you can try them with the below easy to follow methods. So […]