How To Change My Name On California Driver’s License

Name changing on California driver’s licenses is straightforward and completed within steps. If you have changed your name and looking to apply for a new license using your new name, you must inform to Social Security Administration (SSA). The Motor vehicle department in California will check your details with Social Security Administration. Suppose you fail to report to SSA that your new name will mismatch in records, which leads to application rejection. Don’t worry, even if your application is denied at DMV, because the motor vehicle department will notify you what to do for a name change on your driver’s license.

Steps To Change Changing Your Name in Your Driver’s License

The motor vehicle department in California allows you to update your name or change address online using their official website, which reduces wait time in long lines, and you don’t need to visit the DMV branch office to fill out the application. After submitting your application, the DMV employees will process your request immediately.

Step 1: To Change your name on your driver’s license online, you must create an account that uses two-step verification. You have a valid email address and phone number to create an account.

Step 2: After creating an account, the DMV account will send a verification link to your registered email address, where you must verify your account and log into the DMV account.

Step 3: Find the name change application and follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 4: After this, the DMV account will send you a confirmation email to your registered email address.

 Note: You must have social security card, two copies of residency proofs, and a birth certificate while processing your application.

What Do I Do If The CA DMV Misspelled My Name

Correcting your misspelled name on title and registration records, including your driver’s license, is possible. The California DMV recommends a few REG 227 and REG 256 forms to correct your name. If your name is misspelled on the title and registration card, you must update it by submitting form REG 227. Attach all the identification documents (must be original) with the completed form (REG 227). After submitting these documents, the motor vehicle department will print your name back of the title and registration card. As well as, if you are an individual, you must complete Form 256 to correct your misspelled name. The DMV will notify you through your registered Email address when your application is processed successfully and send you the duplicate or replaced card to you.

How To Change Name On Driver’s License After Marriage In California

After changing your name legally, you must present all the name-changed documents to the DMV, including before name-changed documents. As well as include a marriage certificate with the application—complete form 14. You must schedule an appointment or visit the DMV branch office to change your name after marriage. Take your current driver’s license or ID you want to update during the application processing and pay an application processing fee to the DMV through your credit or debit card. The DMV will take your thumbprints and signature to process your request.

After this, the DMV will give a receipt to operate a motor vehicle for 60 days on California roads. The DMV will mail your corrected card within three to four weeks. You can check your driver’s license updated status online( If you didn’t receive it after this period, call the DMV office: 800 777 0133.

Is There A Deadline For Name Change After Marriage In California

Yes, you must update your name within 90 days after the marriage. You must follow all the procedures mentioned above in this post. You must present all the Identification documents, along with your marriage certificate.

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