Can’t Activate AncestryDNA kit (Says Already Activated)

Ancestry DNA is a genetic testing organization. They launched an ancestry DNA kit for people that tell your ancestor’s history. You can find information about their habits, interests, working skills and more with this test. Developing technology is helping us to move forward. As well, DNA science is also very useful in many cases. Some people are facing some technical issues with this Ancestry DNA kit. I will let you know the information about ancestry dna instructions and how to solve the technical errors in this article. It is the right place, if you can’t activate your ancestry DNA kit. Let’s look for a solution. I wrote about a few activation errors and their solutions, I hope it may help you.

Problem: How To Reset Ancestry DNA Password

Solution: Forget password option allows you to reset your password with the correct E-mail address. Go to the sign-in option and find the “forget password” link below in the sign-in columns.

It will ask for your registered E-mail ID to reset your password. Enter your registered email ID in the field and hit the continue button.

Do not close this window, which will redirect to the code entry page. You may receive a reset code via your E-mail within five minutes. If not, click the resend button after five minutes. Check spam folders of email even you requested a second time.

Note: Do not request for “resend” within five minutes. You have to do this after five minutes only.

Use each Email id that you have used with ancestry DNA registration and check your inbox. If you think that your email address has been forgotten, contact customer support.

Enter the code that you received in your email and click Continue on the password reset page. The code is case-sensitive. Do not change the style of the code. Enter the code according to the page conditions. (You may see capital letters in the email and reset page).

You have to enter this code within two hours or you can request a new code after two hours.

Now you can see the new password and confirm password fields on the page after entry of the code that you received by email.

You can enter more than 8 letters as your password, and it should contain numeric, special characters, and capital and small letters.

After this, click the continue button to sign-in.

Problem: Are You Facing a Problem with Your Email Address?

Solution: If your email address is not found or provided an email ID connected with another account, then you have to create a new account.

Problem: How to Find an Activation Code?

Solution: You can see your printed activation at the side of your tube and instruction packet.

Problem: Have You Received an Invalid Code?

Solution: The activation code contains alternating numbers; see them clearly and enter them without mistakes.

Problem: Solve Your Activation Problem

Solution: When your activation code doesn’t work, follow these steps to resolve your problem.

You can see a few dashes in the activation code. Do not enter the dashes while entering the codes in the field. The system enters dashes automatically. 

The activation codes contain different kinds of alternative numbers and letters. Enter the code carefully and recheck it for confirmation about that you entered code.

If you have an activation problem, even after following these instructions, contact them.

Contact Details:

  • Family history support:
  • For text messages 1-800-615-6560/Phone Calls: 1-800-615-6560
  • For DNA support:
  • For text messages 1-800-615-6560 /Phone Calls: 1-800-958-9124
  • For Account Support:
  • For text messages 1-800-615-6560/Phone Calls: 1-800-615-6560
  • For Mobile App Support:
  • For text messages and calls: 1-800-615-6560

Problem: Did You Lose Your Activation Code?

Solution: If you are lost your activation code, contact the customer service. I added a few numbers for customer care. You can call them.

Problem: Have You Trouble with Blank Page

Solution: Sometimes you have blank page due to cache and cookies. Clear the browsing history before login or activation.

Problem: Is Your Kit Inactive or Have You Lost The Activation Code?

Solution: The activation code is connected to a DNA test and an ancestry account. If you lost your DNA activation code, contact them. Your DNA kit won’t work if it is not connected or not activated for your test. They will offer another test when you contact them.

Problem: Did You Receive an Inactive Kit?

Solution: Did you receive an inactive kit even sent to test them? You can activate your kit in the account login section.

Login in to your account and click the option “activate your DNA kit” button and hit the next button.

Now enter your activation code and click the next button. Do not enter dashes while entering the code.

If you wish to activate for yourself, click on your name. If you are trying to activate the kit for your child, then, click on the “my child option.” Or if you are trying to activate your kit for another one, click the “someone else” option.

Observe DNA processing consent and select review and consent. After this, hit the next button. Do not click decline, which inactive your kit.

Now select the “I give consent” option to store your sample with Ancestry.

After this, select the “I have read the informed consent” option and click the next button.

Problem: Did You Forget Your Username?

Solution: When you forget your username, enter your email address in the username or email address field. It will send the username to the registered E-mail address.

Problem : How To Create Your Own Account

Solution: Ancestry users must sign-up with a new email address while registering. Sometimes, users may share their email address to someone that is already registered in Ancestry. In this case, you have to create another account for free and create your own Ancestry account with it.

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