How to Renewal Online for NBI Clearance

Planning for further studies in Canada? Then the applicant should fill out the application form that mainly includes the NBI Clearance. Now you might be struggling with the question “What is NBI Clearance?” It is the document that is issued by the government of India. This Clearance acts as the certification that the person is not involved in any criminal cases. In case you already have the clearance older than six months then you have to again issue the NBI clearance.

One more thing, you can also renew your NBI Clearance as it is totally an online process. There is no need to visit personally the office. You can simply apply online and take the nbi online appointment. If you are new to this process then the process seems to be very difficult. 

Below, I am sharing the complete guide and the procedure for NBI renewal online appointments. So that you can easily apply for the NBI clearance without facing any kind of problem. So just have a look at the complete article.

Complete Procedure for NBI Clearance Renewal Online

  • Please visit the official website of the NBI Clearance then only you can apply for the renewal process. Go to
  • Once you visit the website then click on the NBI Clearance Renewal button.
  • Without having the old NBI ID number, you can renew the NBI Clearance. So select the verification option and fill in the correct details.
  • After the verification, select the payment option. Gcash is one of the easiest and the most simple ways of payment.
  • As the total payment for NBI clearance is PhP 130 PLUS PhP25 service fee for Gcash transaction.
  • For the delivery, door-to-door delivery can be the best option as you can easily get your NBI Clearance.
  • Now it’s time to enter the delivery details. Once you enter the correct details, then click on the e-wallet button for Gcash
  • You can easily check the status of the NBI clearance at 8523-8231 local 5509 or you can directly send the text message to 09150656899 (Globe) or 09478648747.

How to Fill the Online Form for Application Renewal

  • In the very first step, you have to visit the website of the NBI clearance and find the option of the NBI clearance Quick Renewal option. You just need to click on the option. Keep one thing in mind the ID number should be issued from 2014 to the present date. In case you don’t have the account of the NBI clearance then you cannot renew your NBI clearance. For that, you need to register a new account.
  • ID number is very important in NBI clearance. In the upper of the “Family Name,” you can easily find the ID Number. It is the unique ID that is the combination of 18 numbers and the alphabet. In case, if you have not registered in the said year then this will indicate that the record of your NBI clearance is not found or there is an error.
  • Once you add the NBI clearance ID number then you can easily apply for the Quick renewal delivery. Now you can see your personal details like Name, address to be delivered and the exact amount that you have to pay. Basically, the amount for the renewal of the NBI is Php 330.00 which may include the fee for E-payment services.
  • Without completing the payment option, the whole process is incomplete. So before choosing any payment option, you need to enter your date of birth and then select the payment options. Basically, there are 6 options available that may include Bank Over the Counter, Online Bank, Mobile Payment, Bayad Center, MultiPay, and ECPay.
  • In the world of technology, the payment for NBI renewal becomes very simple and effective. You have to give your reference number at the bank or the center where you have applied. Basically, the time of the delivery is approximately is about 5-10 days and you will get your NBI clearance at your door.

Important Documents for NBI Clearance

You have to carry any two IDs that are issued by the Government for the NBI Clearance. Without having these documents, you cannot apply for NBI which may include-

    • Passport and UMID
    • Voter’s ID and TIN ID
    • Driver’s license and Postal ID
    • PWD ID and OFW ID
    • National ID or Marina ID
    • Company ID (for government employees only)

Final Words

Well, this was all about the renewal of the NBI clearance. We have tried to cover each and every single detail of the renewal process. But still, if you have any questions regarding your renewal then you can leave a comment in the comment section. We will happy to answer your query.

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