Pyle Soundbar Universal Remote Codes & Program Instructions

Do you have the Pyle soundbar? would you like to control it with your favorite universal remote control, cable remote or else with sat remote then do not worry about lack of your knowledge. Here we are providing the best universal remote control codes for your Pyle Soundbar to work with DISH, ATT U-Verse, and DIRECTV remote controls.

Basically, the Pyle soundbar can be controlled by any universal remote control codes, but sometimes the codes which you’ve chosen to program may not be worked, at that types of situations just leave your query below by mentioning your remote control name with its brand name then we will provide the best solution for it with working codes. Now we are mentioning the codes below along with their programing methods.

Pyle Soundbar 4 Digit Remote Control Codes:

2421, 5674

Pyle Soundbar 5 Digit Remote Control Codes:

12196, 12641, 11830, 10156, 11531

yle Soundbar 3 Digit Remote Control Code:


The above mentioned codes should work with Pyle soundbar models PSBV200BT, PSBVWF300B, and PSBV600BT.

How To Program Pyle Soundbar With Universal Remote?

If the above mentioned remote codes didn’t work for your Pyle soundbar, then we recommend you to search the codes manually, by using the below methods.

Code Search using DIRECTV Remote Control:

  1. Switch on your “Soundbar”
  2. Now “volume up” but “muted”
  3. Then press “AV1” or “AV2”
  4. After that press and hold the “Mute” and also “Select” up to 2 blinks
  5. Then “Enter 9 9 1” and then wait for 2 blinks
  6. Then enter “3”
  7. Now press and then release the “Volume up” button
  8. Now “Face the remote near the soundbar” and then keep on pressing and releasing the “CH+” key
  9. Finally, the volume will change, then you should press “Select” to lock the code

Code Search using Comcast Remote Control:

  1. Turn on your sound bar
  2. Now long press the “Setup” button on your remote (The Led will turned from red to green)
  3. Now type in the remote code which is listed above (by using the number button)
  4. If the code is correct then LED will be turned to green twice. (But if the LED was red then the code you’ve entered was wrong)
  5. You should use the remote for operating your denon soundbar
  6. You should keep on trying with the codes until your code will be correct

The above methods can be used for any types of universal remotes they have mentioned not only for comcast or directv but also for all types of remote controls. With the above mentioned methods we can easily get our favorite universal remote codes which works perfectly.


If you feel good about this article then please give us a feedback, it will give us a boost up to improve our site and to reach many aspirants those who are waiting for their remote codes, we also accept new universal remote control codes those are working for you, please leave those codes in the below comment section we will forward them to the other users too by posting them in our site. Or do you need other remote codes then feel free to ask us through the below comment section and we will provide those codes for you.

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